Our team includes leading professionals and experienced project managers with a Europe-wide experience. Its founders and members have more than 15 years of experience in providing education and training in Latvia and abroad.  

Alise Vītola

Member of Board - Trainer

A passionate researcher and trainer, author of numerous training materials. Her work focuses on empowerment of women, youth and migrants. Alise is an experienced EU project manager and holds a PhD in Economics. 

Gunita Ģēģere

Project Manager - Trainer

An experienced project manager and expert in the field of migration and integration. Has worked in the IOM and Asylum Seekers Accommodation Department in Latvia. Gunita has also taken part in EU EUAA's missions in Greece and Cyprus.

Dana Šurova

Trainer - Event Organiser

A project manager by education, she is a creative mind with extensive experience in performing arts and wellness industry. She is a world traveller and dynamic meditation coach. Dana is an experienced event organiser with exceptional service skills.

Maryia Hlukhava

Project Manager - Trainer

An experienced project writer, project coordinator and training organiser. She is also a trainer in the field of non-formal education and soft skills development. Maryia works with youth and adults.