Training - Research - Consulting

We are a non-profit non-governmental organisation founded in Riga, Latvia by experienced professionals willing to contribute to society.

In Lab Futura, we stand for equality, diversity and inclusion.


We focus on programs that stem from the world of social sciences and education, believing firmly that they are a tool to achieve real change in our society.

Our work is focused on topics, such as gender equality, empowerment of women and youth, inclusion of migrants and refugees, society integration and community development.

We provide training to various target groups and conduct research, policy analysis and evaluations.

Democratic participation

We have joined the Cooperation Memorandum of Non-Governmental Organisations and the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia and the  Cooperation Memorandum between the City of Riga and Non-governmental organisations. We are members of the Consultative Council of the Riga City Council on issues of social integration.

Civil society

We are a member of Civic Alliance – Latvia, the largest umbrella organization that advocates for non-governmental sector interests in Latvia.

Family-friendly workplace

We have joined the family-friendly workplace movement. The goal of the movement is to promote the development of a work environment culture that is empathetic, humane and understanding.

Working greener

We have joined the goodwill memorandum of the Latvian Fund for Nature on organizing nature and environment-friendly events.

The website has been prepared with the financial support of the Society Integration Fund from the funds of the Latvian state budget. Lab Futura is responsible for the content of the website.